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Target Market Consumer Business / Organizations
Consumer Edition Email Edition Standard Edition Professional Edition

Web collaboration and productivity

+ AJAX Mail & Address Book
Rich, interactive Mail and Address Book functionality using only a web browser

+ Basic search
Keyword-based search that utilizes a comprehensive server-side index

+ Advanced search
Rich "Search Builder" interface for creating and saving advanced, multi-condition searches


+ Tags
Ability to quickly categorize items by attaching "Tags" with user-defined names and colors


+ Sharing
Ability to share contacts, calendars, and documents with internal or external users


+ Revenue Generating Zimlets
Include 'mash-ups' that dynamically interact with internet / application data


+ AJAX Calendar
Rich, interactive Calendar functionality using only a web browser


+ Conversations
Organized views of message threads to streamline user Inbox management


+ Attachment search*
Ability to search for contents inside of attachments


+ HTML attachment rendering*
Ability to quickly view attachments in HTML format


+ Resource/group scheduling
Ability to schedule meetings, book resources, and evaluate and manage free/busy information



+ AJAX Documents
Ability to create rich web-based documents and wikis



Administration & TCO

+ Web/CLI administration
Ability to administer the system via web-based interface or comprehensive command line tools

+ Online backup/restore
Ability to backup/restore a single mailbox or set of mailboxes such that any mailbox not actively being processed remains online and accessible

+ Clustering/HA
Ability to configure clustered Zimbra servers for high availability

+ Storage management
Ability to schedule an automated process that moves older messages and data to less expensive disk storage

+ Rebranding
Ability to custom brand the Zimbra web interface

+ Web/mail/phone support
Technical support via web, email, phone, and Knowledge Base

Domain-level management

+ Multi-domain support
Ability to create and administer multiple domains in a single deployment

+ Domain-level administration
Ability to delegate domain-level administrators that can manage users and other settings within a specific domain

+ Domain-level branding
Ability to create domain-specific custom branding of the Zimbra web interface

External client compatibility

Native compatibility with third party POP and IMAP clients

+ Outlook/MAPI sync
MAPI-based Outlook synchronization with cached mode and offline support


+ Apple iSync
Two-way synchronization with Apple iSync enabling compatibility with Apple iCal, Address Book, and other applications in the Apple iSync framework



+ Zimbra Mobile
Over-the-air synchronization of mail, contacts, and calendar data with mobile devices




* Not available for Mac OS X server

Zimbra Hosting Setup

The Zimbra Collaboration Suite provides support for email, contacts, and group calendaring, and consists of a server and client. The Zimbra Server supports existing desktop and wireless personal information management (PIM) clients via standard protocols like POP, IMAP, and iCalendar: for example, Outlook, Thunderbird/Sunbird, Apple Mail/iCal, Evolution, Eudora, and Wireless IMAP. The Zimbra Client is AJAX-based---Asynchronous Javascript on the client with XML/SOAP-based communications to the Zimbra Server, and runs on Windows, Linux, and Apple desktops in Firefox and IE browsers.

Supporting localized languages for
Australia Brazil Canada France
Estonia Germany Italy Netherlands
Russia Spain Sweden United Kingdom

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