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Features of openCRX

No license costs The standard package is open source software, i.e. no license fees are due.

Scalable and Platform-Independent openCRX is scalable from single-process to a fully distributed application without changing a single line of code. In other words, openCRX can easily grow with your needs - you will never have to buy a more powerful application. This tremendous scalability has its foundation in our platform-independent architecture. Platform-independence delivers another major advantage: you can chose any major platform (including J2EE, CORBA, and Microsoft's .NET) to deploy openCRX.

Rich environment for easy customization openCRX is a platform and vendor independent solution based on open standards like J2EE, MDA (Model Driven Architecture) and openMDX. Clients are available in HTML, Java or .NET technology, designed for web use. As your needs and business requirements evolve, you can easily customize openCRX.

Easy Integration The component based architecture of openCRX provides powerful integration functionality and enables easy integration with your existing applications (e.g. SAP, back office solutions, individual solutions based on IBM hosts, etc.). Limitless interoperability with your existing solutions protects your previous investments.

Low operations and maintenance costs Open standards, reduced complexity, and highest quality, they all drive down your operations and maintenance costs. You can easily extend openCRX as your needs evolve. Scalability is built into openCRX by design, i.e. the solution can grow along with your business.

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