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Features of openCRX

    What is openCRX?
  • openCRX is an Open Source Standard Solution for CRM
  • (CRM = Customer Relationship Management)
  • openCRX is highly interoperable and easy to integrate with existing applications (protect your previous investments)
  • openCRX is component-based and therefore easy to extend
  • openCRX is customizable so that it fits your particular needs
  • openCRX is highly scalable (thousands of concurrent users)
  • openCRX is secure (e.g. suitable for financial institutions)
  • openCRX is platform-neutral (various deployment scenarios)
  • openCRX is vendor-independent

The leading MDA development and runtime platform supporting state-of-the-art software architecture patterns like SOA, AOP, GP, EAI applications built on openMDX are highly scalable and platform-neutral all features of the underlying platform (e.g. J2EE, CORBA, WebServices) are available in openMDX

CRM Functionality

  • Account and Contact Management
  • Product Management
  • Marketingmanagement
  • Sales Process Management and Controlling: Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, Invoices
  • Interaction and Workflow Management
  • Activities: Meetings, Sales Visits, Phone Calls, Faxes, E-mails, SMS, MMS, Mailings, Reporting
  • Customizations and Extensions Customizations

  • Screens
  • Reports
  • Code Tables
  • Customer-specific Components/Extensions

  • Helpdesk & Support
  • Facility Management
  • Project Management
  • openCRX is an extremely interoperable CRM-Suite. External systems are easily integrated with adapters and you can access openCRX with a wide range of common technologies: EJB, CORBA Services, WebServices.

    openCRX is a highly scalable CRM-Suite that runs on all widely used platforms. Changing the platform does not require any changes to the application layer.

    Positioning of openCRX

    All Security-Policies (read, write, etc.) are under the control of the Security Plugin (in cooperation with the security provider on the server-side)

    SDK (Software Development Kit)
    openCRX Server's API (JMI - Java Metadata Interface) all core models of openCRX (including description) develop your own importers and exporters write your own programs or even a new openCRX client program against the API of the openCRX servers extend existing openCRX components or extend the openCRX model and develop new components


  • openCRX is an Open Source Standard Solution for CRM with extremely low total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • openCRX is secure
  • openCRX is extensible
  • openCRX is customizable
  • openCRX is interoperable
  • openCRX is highly scalable
  • openCRX is platform-neutral
  • openCRX is vendor-independent

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