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Zimbra Hosting Prices

Hosting Plan Email Edition Standard Edition Network Edition

3-24 Users, Monthly Per User $0.66 $4.50 ** $6.35 **
25-74 Users, Monthly Per User $0.64 $4.40 ** $5.60 **
75-149 Users, Monthly Per User $0.62 $4.30 $5.30 **
150-299 Users, Monthly Per User Call Call Call
300-599 Users, Monthly Per User Call Call Call
600-1199 Users, Monthly Per User Call Call Call
1200+ Users, Monthly Per User Call Call Call
Additional storage per GB $2.00 $2.00 $2.00
Additional storage per 250 MB $1.00 $1.00 N/A
Outlook/Exchange Conversion $35 $35 $35
Account Setup Fee $99.00 $99.00 $99.00
Account Features
Storage Space (MB) 250 MB 1000 MB 3000 MB
Mailbox level Backup/Restore YES YES YES
Online mailbox move YES YES YES
Hierarchical Storage Management YES YES YES
Domain Level Admin YES YES YES
Attachment Indexing and Search YES YES YES
Attachment Rendering in HTML YES YES YES
Clustering/High-Availability NO NO YES
Hierarchical Storage Management NO NO YES
Web services integration other apps. NO NO YES
Active Directory and existing LDAP NO NO YES
Mobile devices: Blackberry, Treo, Windows Mobile 5, Symbian NO YES *1 YES *1
Outlook/MAPI or Apple iSync NO YES YES
Integrated anti-spam / anti-virus YES YES YES
Migration/Import Tools YES YES YES
Windows, Apple and Linux computers YES YES YES
Group Calendar Delegated Publish/Subscribe NO NO YES
Zimlet Mashup Internet/Intranet apps. YES YES YES
Native indexing and search YES YES YES
*1 mobile service in for Windows Mobile 6, 6.5, iPhone, Android $4.95 per user per month with a $39.95 setup fee
    mobile service for Blackberry $12.95 per user per month with a $39.95 setup fee
    mobile service for Symbian $12.95 per user per month with a $39.95 setup fee
** Price if paid yearly.
Zimbra Hosting Setup

The Zimbra Collaboration Suite provides support for email, contacts, and group calendaring, and consists of a server and client. The Zimbra Server supports existing desktop and wireless personal information management (PIM) clients via standard protocols like POP, IMAP, and iCalendar: for example, Outlook, Thunderbird/Sunbird, Apple Mail/iCal, Evolution, Eudora, and Wireless IMAP. The Zimbra Client is AJAX-based---Asynchronous Javascript on the client with XML/SOAP-based communications to the Zimbra Server, and runs on Windows, Linux, and Apple desktops in Firefox and IE browsers.

Supporting localized languages for
Australia Brazil Canada France
Estonia Germany Italy Netherlands
Russia Spain Sweden United Kingdom

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